Our Philosophy

Our goal at Kanpo Pro is to make available the high quality Japanese formulas developed over centuries of traditional use and verified by over five decades of modern research. It is our commitment to offer the best of Japanese herbal practice to the North American public. What has worked so well in Japan can work here as well. Harmony, balance, and health are our wish for you.


A key aesthetic in Japan is the value placed on harmony, what the Japanese call wa. This is seen readily in their gardenscapes, their art of flower arrangement, and the refined Japanese tea ceremony. Harmony also has an important role in the Japanese view of health. They believe that to be healthy we require harmony in our environment, our social relations, our food, and our herbal supplements. The Kanpo herbal system is a reflection of this desire for harmony.


Central to Asian philosophy is the balance and complementarity of yin and yang. This focus on yin-yang is also found in Kanpo herbal formulas. One reason the formulas of the Kanpo system have persisted for centuries is that they are masterful expressions of balancing disparate elements through an understanding of the yin and yang nature of herbs. It is much like a master composer who combines all the chords in his compositions into an uplifting whole.


The focus of the Kanpo tradition is to strengthen the underlying body functions so that a state of optimal health is attained. This differs from the modern approach in which a bacteria or virus is targeted. There are many challenges to our health in modern life: stress, pollution, overwork, and poor diet, to name just a few. In the practice of Kanpo, formulas are designed to help the different body systems (nervous, digestive, immune...) cope with all of these varied stressors.